September 01, 2010

Toowoomba: 4AK

Toowoomba is located approximately 127 kilometres west of Brisbane and is one of the two major centres in Queensland’s Darling Downs district.

Radio station 4AK, broadcasting on the frequency 1220 kHz, was launched in August 1935. 


4AK, being in one of the few regional markets with competing commercial stations, was able to provide a more focused playlist (as above, in 1987) rather than a generic one-format-for-all which many regional stations had to adopt.


By 1993 (above), 4AK appears to have softened its image.

4AK is now partnered with 4WK, a station formerly based in nearby Warwick, and both are owned by the Broadcast Operations Group.  4AK now broadcasts on 1242 kHz with a translator station broadcasting on 99.5 MHz in Stanthorpe.

Website: 4AK

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Edward Thirkill said...

4ak And 4bk were owned for many years by the Courier Mail I don't know why they were sold.