September 04, 2010

Brisbane: 4BH

4BH was Brisbane’s third commercial radio station when it launched in January 1932.  The original broadcast frequency was 1380 kHz, shifting up the dial to 880 kHz in the mid-1970s.

The station then adjusted slightly to 882 kHz to comply with 9 kHz spacing in 1978.

4BH was part of the then national Macquarie network, though unlike its sister stations in Sydney (2GB), Melbourne (3AW) and Adelaide (5DN) which all had news-talkback formats, 4BH since 1975 had a ‘beautiful music’ format.


Above: 4BH in 1988

After the Macquarie network was disbanded, 4BH did attempt a talkback format briefly in the mid-1990s.

The station then wound up in receivership and was later sold to the owners of regional station 4QFM, based in Ipswich.  4BH later ended up under the ownership of the Australian Radio Network and was then sold to DMG Radio Australia – as ARN, which also owned music station 4KQ, had to offload 4BH when it became a joint partner (with DMG) in the new FM station licensed for Brisbane, and ARN could not own more than two stations in the one market.

DMG then sold 4BH to Southern Cross Broadcasting which also owned local talkback station 4BC.  Southern Cross’ radio assets were later sold off to Fairfax Media.

4BH and 4BC now broadcast from shared facilities in the suburb of Cannon Hill.  4BH now plays an ‘easy listening’ playlist.

Website: 4BH

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Anonymous said...

I can remember 4bh being on 1390kh before they went to 880 in the mid 70s