July 11, 2009

Sydney: 2JJJ

In January 1975 the national broadcaster ABC launched its new youth music station, 2JJ, in Sydney.  Broadcasting on 1540 kHz (later changed to 1539 kHz in 1978), it was ABC’s first 24-hour radio station and was intended to be the first link in a national youth-oriented radio network.  Budget cuts meant that the ambition of creating a national network was put on hold until the late 1980s.

In 1980, 2JJ became the first radio station in Australia to move from the AM to the FM band – to the new frequency 105.7 MHz – and assigned a new call-sign 2JJJ, though the station was known on-air just as Triple J.2JJJ_1986

It wasn’t until 1989 that Triple J began to realise its early ambition of national expansion.  Triple J launched in Melbourne (call-sign 3JJJ) in October 1989 and the Triple J network would gradually open in each of the other capital cities, plus the NSW city of Newcastle, over the next twelve months. 

Triple J in 1994:


In the mid-‘90s Triple J embarked on a campaign to expand its coverage to regional markets across Australia.  A total of 44 regional markets were completed in this stage of the national roll-out.


Triple J has also expanded its brand to include online, a monthly magazine (jmag) and Triple J TV.

Website: Triple J

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