July 13, 2009

Perth: 6PPM

6PM was Perth’s third commercial radio station when it launched in 1937 on the frequency 1000 kHz.

During the hey day of Top 40 radio in the ‘60s and ‘70s, 6PM promoted itself with slogans like ‘The Pleasure Machine’, ‘Peppermint Radio’ and later ‘6PMusic’.  In the early-‘80s, 6PM was one of several stations at the time that adopted the signature tune ‘Rhythm Of The City’ as its main slogan.

Later in the ‘80s, while fighting off the growing dominance of FM, 6PM was promoted as ‘Better Music’.

On 31 December 1990, 6PM was the first of two AM radio stations in Perth to convert to the FM bad.  The new station was branded 6PMFM (call-sign 6PPM) on the frequency 92.9 MHz.

The branding was later adjusted to drop the ‘6’ and just be known as PMFM:


PMFM dominated Perth’s radio ratings through much of the ‘90s.  After 2000, PMFM was re-branded as ‘The All New 92.9’ and later just 92.9, which continues today with the slogan ‘Perth’s Hit Music Station’.

92.9 and its sister station Mix 94.5 (6MIX) are owned by the Austereo network.

Website: 92.9

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