July 13, 2009

Newcastle: 2NEW

Commercial FM radio began in Australian capital cities in 1980.  It was another eight years before the national capital, Canberra, followed in 1988.

Then followed the Gold Coast in March 1989 and Newcastle in April 1989.  Newcastle’s commercial FM station was, not surprisingly, called New FM (call-sign 2NEW).

The station was launched on the 105.3 MHz frequency.

By the early ‘90s, New FM had some competition on the FM band with AM stations 2KO and 2NX converting to FM.  Also adding to the competition were new FM stations from the Central Coast, south of Newcastle.

New FM, needing to reinforce itself as the original FM station in the market, promoted itself as ‘The Original’ – using the same New FM logo it had since it had launched in 1989


New FM is now partnered with AM radio station 2HD and owned by Broadcast Operations Group as part of their Super Network of stations across New South Wales and parts of Queensland.

Website: New FM

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