July 01, 2009

Alice Springs: 8HA, 8SUN

Alice Springs, located in the Northern Territory, is the centre of Australia’s rugged outback. The national broadcaster, ABC, started a local service – 5AL – after World War II though the station was initially a straight relay of ABC radio in Adelaide. (The call-sign later changed to 8AL once ‘8’ was designated for Northern Territory call-signs)

The town’s first commercial radio station, 8HA, began broadcasting in March 1971. The “HA” letters stand for “Heart of Australia”.

Above: 8HA in 1986


Above: 8HA in 1992 (apologies, the original colours are not quite as scanned)

By the early ‘90s, media laws permitted rural stations to open a secondary service on the FM band. This led to the launch of 96.9 SUN FM (call-sign: 8SUN).


Above: SUN FM in 1992.

Websites: 8HA, SUN FM, 783 ABC


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