June 30, 2009

Hello Listeners….

onair After almost a decade writing about Australian television history (here, and more recently here), I’ve decided to branch out a little and delve a bit into radio as well.  To be completely honest, my knowledge of radio history and my archive is nowhere near as great as some, but I hope to be able to shine a little bit of light on some of the radio that was in Australia – particularly through the ‘80s and ‘90s as that is where a majority of my collection of memorabilia has come from.

I also got inspired to add some radio history to the net after seeing two excellent radio blogs over the last week – Lots Of Radio Stuff and Radio Sticker Of The Day – and realising that I had some of my own collection to share.  So thank you guys and I hope you don’t mind being used for a bit of inspiration!!



Duane said...

Great blog, mate. Loved seeing the old logos and reading a little about each station's history. Keep it up!

TelevisionAU said...

Hi Duane, thank you for the kind comments. I just clicked on your link, I hope it's online soon it sounds interesting from the name! :)

Stu said...

Wow. So glad to have stumbled upon this blog!